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At the beginning of May 2022, the Head of School of The Peace Attitude Schools, Saira Bano, and the PYP Coordinator of International School Maximilian met at ISM in Skopje, the Republic of North Macedonia, to set up the terms for the long-term collaboration of both schools.

TPAS and ISM have been sister- schools since May 2021. On the first anniversary of the collaboration of the schools, the school leaders decided to meet in North Macedonia.

During the past year, the Head of School, Saira Bano in TPAS, was offered the position of HoS in ISM, which was graciously accepted.

To deepen this connection further, TPAS offered Sofija Filipovska to take the role of a PYP Coordinator at TPAS. The internationally-minded leaders made this hybrid collaboration smooth and fruitful.

The points discussed in their initial meeting are as follows:

1. Signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between both schools;

2. Future of collaboration between TPAS and ISM;

3. Implementation of PYP in both schools;

4. Scheduling PDs for the staff;

5. Financial implication of the collaboration

TPAS and ISM “Making it Happen!”