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Exploring French Culture: Our Students’ Immersive Journey at the French Institute in Skopje

Picture this: a group of eager students from International School Maximilian, an l IB World School, diving deep into French culture right in the heart of Skopje. This wasn’t just any ordinary school day; it was a day where the French language came alive, where the streets of Paris were just a virtual step away. Our recent visit to the French Institute in Skopje was a testament to our school’s dedication to embracing diverse languages and cultures.

Embracing Linguistic Diversity

At International School Maximilian, we understand the importance of languages in connecting us globally. That’s why we offer our students the choice between French and German as their second language. This choice reflects our commitment to broadening our students’ horizons and preparing them for a world where cultural agility is key. The French Institute visit was a perfect example of how we bring language learning to life.

A Day at the French Institute

Upon our arrival at the French Institute, the air was electric with anticipation. The institute, renowned for its promotion of French culture, was the ideal setting for our students, many of whom had chosen French as their second language. It was a day of immersion, of seeing the French language in a vibrant, cultural context.

Interactive Learning and Cultural Exploration

Interactive sessions were the core of our visit. These weren’t your typical language lessons; they were a plunge into the deep end of French culture. Our students engaged in activities that spanned from the culinary arts to historical insights. But the crown jewel was the virtual tour of Paris. What a thrill it was for our students to navigate the streets of Paris, to gaze upon the marvels of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, all through the magic of virtual reality!

Culinary Delights and Cultural Insights

A highlight of our visit was the chance to taste French cuisine. Each morsel was not just a treat for the taste buds but also a learning opportunity about French culinary traditions. It was a delicious way to understand the culture they’ve been studying in class.

Reflecting on the Importance of Languages

As we journeyed back from the institute, our students were not just carrying souvenirs; they were carrying newfound insights and appreciation for the French culture. This experience underscored the value we place on language learning and cultural exposure. Offering both French and German as second languages, we equip our students not just with linguistic skills but with a deeper understanding of the world.

In our commitment as an IB world school, we don’t just teach languages; we open doors to new worlds. Our visit to the French Institute in Skopje was a vivid illustration of this ethos, bringing the classroom lessons to life and enriching our students’ educational journey.


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