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The importance of the PYP Library

Even in the digital age, there is no substitute for the smell of books. They are the unlimited source of knowledge and are the most important aspect of our education.

Libraries are designed to provide an additional benefit to your understanding. They are a place where every corner of the globe can be discovered. In the context of schools, libraries play a significant role in providing information to students in the academic field. The books stored on the shelves of libraries are the source of wisdom and knowledge. The digital world, with the capabilities of smartphones, tablets, and computers cannot be stored on the shelves of books since these books hold a special spot in the hearts of readers and students.

In International School Maximilian, we work hard to create a library that is so resourceful that all of our students can find the resources they need. In our library we work to provide access to resources that inspire our students and staff to think critically and creatively while supporting curriculum and learning. We value academic honesty in the pursuit of knowledge and work to help all members of our community follow their passions and personal inquiries. It is our goal that each individual in our community experience personal and educational growth from the variety of services provided. We hope to encourage a lifelong love of reading in all of our community members.


The library is among the most important area in each school. It is home to the most essential publications that are important to students. This site assists all students of various standards during their preparation for exams and exams. It houses thousands of books that will lead to assistance with their exam papers dissertations, thesis as well as study materials, and much more.


The mission of the PYP Library in International School Maximilian is to support and encourage the development of knowledge, skills, and personal attributes of our students which will prepare them to take action for the improvement of their local and global communities and make the internationally minded citizens.


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