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International School Maximilian is a school that values friendships and unity. We foster individual friendships and a cohesive school spirit. Our family community results from care, time and trust. In pursuing our mission, we strive to nurture the potential of each student by ensuring academic excellence and a broad and balanced international curriculum that encourages each student to excel as they acquire knowledge, grow a diverse skill set, and develop personally and spiritually to become leaders with a servant’s heart.

What makes our school different?

The aim of our  School is to balance the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills with the cultivation of the spirit of creativity and curiosity. In order to attain this balance, students experience a well-rounded curriculum that promotes inquiry, critical thinking, communication, open-mindedness, and reflection.

Our curriculum and approach

Through core and foundation subjects, students receive a fully curated education that creates a passion for learning, builds a strong general knowledge base, and provides an opportunity for pupils to attain a set of skills that will carry them through their educational journeys and eventually into being productive citizens in their communities. A cross-curricular approach is used when applicable to show a relationship between learned knowledge and real world concepts and to create an understanding that individual subjects do not exist on islands unto themselves. Students are encouraged to explore, inquire, critically think, and build communication skills.

Our students and teachers
We are raising students who are:
– Inquirers
– Knowledgeable
– Thinkers
– Communicators
– Principled
– Open – minded
– Caring
– Risk takers
– Balanced
– Reflective

How to get started

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Because every child should have the opportunity to receive quality education!