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A Visit to the Museum of Macedonian Struggle

In October, a group of students from International School Maximilian had a visit to the Museum of Natural Struggle.

The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, being a specialized museum of historical exhibitions, was originally aimed to present the historical, cultural and revolutionary traditions of Macedonia and the Macedonian people in their perennial struggle to create a national state on the Balkans. It is a documented, contemporary and an objective directorial tool of the most important events and processes in the recent history of Macedonia. The historical exhibits display all ordeals suffered by the Macedonian people in the exercise of its libertarian vision, the original idea of the revolutionary struggle for the liberation of Macedonia, unification and the creation of an independent Macedonian state. Also, the museum displays reveal the struggling agony the Macedonian people experienced, their resistance against the communist dictatorship, sacrificing their lives for an independent, united and democratic state.

Our PYP students are currently inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme Where we are in place and time and what better way to inquire into the past than to explore the history of our country in one of our most picturesque museums?

We hope our students enjoyed it as much as our teachers did!

Huge Thank You to the Museum of Macedonian Struggle for having us!

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