Application for admission

Checklist of documents for admission


The following check list is provided to help ensure
that all necessary forms and transcripts are received by “International School
Maximilian” in a timely manner. Please note that the
student’s application will be
forwarded to the divisional
Principal for an official determination of admission only when the documents
below have been supplied. Please direct any questions to the Admissions Office.

I. Applications provided by the school

  1. Completed and signed application for admission (one per child)
  2. Parent/ Guardian information
  3. Medical form with doctor’s signature and stamp
  4. Growth and Development Form
  5. Uniforms Measurement Chart
  6. Statement
  7. One photograph of applicant
  8. Enrollment contract

II. Records supplied by the family

  1. School records from previews schools
  2. Birth certificate (original)
  3. Passport (foreign citizens)
  4. ID copy from the parent/guardian who will sign the contract