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About us



Preparing Students For Success In A Changing World


with accreditation no. 11-440/9 from 22.07.2009 issued by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Macedonia

Maximilian High School is a place where students have the chance to follow the teaching according to the highest international standards with the help of a parallel learning of many foreign languages in an enjoyable atmosphere working in a group of smaller number of students. The school is also an experience of  leading brands in the formal education by which it is provided to the students to be part of the global leading teaching systems and global educational standards. The school is always up-to-date with the latest mainstream in the education, by which we prepare students to get used to the global world without having obstacles. To the most ambitious ones, we offer a continuation of the education on the most popular universities around the world.

We are always one step futher because our main aim is to exceed your expectations.

Why to choose us

Because success is the result of experience. It's good to know where you are, so you know where to target. Education in our school provides many benefits with a single objective: the best learning outcomes for every student! Full support on the path to achieving your goals.

Our standards

You can rely on them! What makes teaching in our school special and unique is the application of international standards and programs, which are characterized by a particularly efficient method for motivating students and their successful inclusion in the educational process.

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We are dedicated to continuous lifelong learning and always strive to keep up with global trends in education. Our team consists of top professors with extensive experience. The crown of our success is a satisfied and loyal disciple therefore we strive to maintain a high quality service.


Appropriate type of education! By using practically oriented methods, our teachers work together with you during classes in order to discover how you prefer to conquer the material and what kind of method is most suitable for solving the course in a most effective way.


The vision of Maximilian School is fulfilling the tuition in a secondary education which satisfies the international standards by respecting the fundamentals of:
• devolutuion
• equal educational opportunities for everyone
• quality
• transparency
• integrity
• social responsibility


Our mission is to provide:
• Equal opportunities for enrolling and a choice of different paths;
• Flexible education regarding the specialization, open choice of programs, methods, organization;
• General education that makes it easier for a student to adapt to the changeable world of labor, the social and cultural life
• Getting the necessary life skills crucial for the modern society
• Applying the developed standards of education
• Applying developed teaching plans, modules and courses, as well as making a balance between the general and differential education and theory
• Promoting the culture of self-evaluation and development planning of the school