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After School Programs and After School Club IMPORTANCE

The time children spend after school influences their development. Through after-school activities, children can develop social skills, improve their academic performance, and establish strong relationships with caring adults. Participation in club activities during middle childhood is linked to higher academic performance and self-esteem. Participation in sports is linked to higher social competence5 and contributes to better health and lower likelihood of obesity. After-school programs may be especially beneficial for low-income children and children with limited English proficiency. Some research shows that children of low-income families who attend after-school programs are less likely to exhibit antisocial and problem behaviors. Children who regularly attend high-quality after-school programs are more likely to be engaged in school and attentive in class. They are also less likely to skip school and start drinking alcohol. Older children who consistently participate in after-school activities are more likely to attend college, vote, and volunteer later in life.
After-school activities are also important because of their role in providing child care. According to the global Statistics, 69 percent of two-parent families and 71 percent of single parents report that their work schedule leaves their children in need of supervision after school. After-school programs can provide constructive activities for children with working parents, yet cost and availability are often critical barriers for low-income families. Schools are beginning to respond to the need for after-school activities by providing programs before and after school, often partnering with community agencies or universities in addition to more traditional extracurricular activities (such as sports and clubs) and child care. As schools expand after-school activities, funding, program quality, space, and accountability will all be major issues

What is Sesame English?

Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street, created Sesame English- a multimedia way that provides the children around the world to study English.

Sesame English brings the English language to the children throughout fun and interactive classes. To achieve dynamic teaching, a lot of activities such as songs, games, drawings, roleplays and simulations are being used. The program is enriched with multimedia teaching programs such as CDs, cards, books and toys.

The program Sesame English is created for kids aged 4-7 years.

In the groups are included 6-10 children.

The program is consisted by 60 classes per year.

The teachers are foreigners who are using international accepted teaching methods.

Price: 395 euros in denars equivalent with an opportunity of payment on 9 installments.

  • An installment is 48 euros
  • + 25 euros for books and 15 euros for taxes
  • The classes take place in our facilities on Saturday 11:30-13:30

Language programs for children 8-11 years.

Consisted of 120 classes.


Monday and Wednesday 16:00-18:00
Tuesday and Thursday 16:-00-18:00

Price: 550 euros in denars equivalent

  • + 35 euros for books and 15 euros for taxes
  • An option for payment in 9 month installments.
  • 67 euros for installment

Advanced teenagers’ program aged 12-18 years

Modern program with daily topics based on active conversation and critical thinking, including grammar exercises. Group activities also take part of the program together with exercises for critical thinking through presentation of authentic texts from the media.

Developing leadership skills, improving the communication skills and improving the self-confidence in the language.
It includes 120 classes.


Monday and Wednesday: 17:00-19:00
Tuesday and Friday: 17:00-19:00

Price: 585 euros + 30 euros materials + 15 euros taxes

  • An opportunity for paying at 9 month installments; 70 euros per installment


  • Development of the abilities for the personal emotional growth
  • Improving the awareness  of the personal being (emotional, intellectual, social
  • Identification and handling the emotions and needs
  • Getting positive communication skills

Topics of the workshops:

  • Who am I? (self-care)
  • To the development of emotional intelligence
  • My needs- my pleasure
  • I am OK- You are OK
  • Body language
  • I am also stressed
  • Positive conflict solving
  • Getting rid of the pressure

Workshops type: Creative psycho-art workshops for children and youth

Method of working: Group interactive approach, music therapy, entertainment and dynamics

Members in a group: 12-15

Length of the process: 8 workshops

Length of one psycho-art workshop: 2 hours

Adapted for children and youth at the age of 8 to 16

The program is conducted by a psychologist/ psychotherapist with a European certificate for Gestalt psychotherapy

At the end of the process, the students get a Certificate for development of the emotional intelligence

After-School Homework Program

For Busy Parents, After-School Homework Programs Provide Valuable Homework Help

Homework is meant to reinforce the learning that takes place during the school day and can be an important component of the learning process. In doing their homework, children learn many important skills: to develop organization, discipline and how to work on their own. Younger children especially need help in developing these skills.
Yet too often homework can turn into a battle, especially for working parents who have put in a full day before they arrive home for the evening. A

Quality after-school programs, like those funded by The Children’s Trust, provide homework help. These programs reinforce effective homework practices. With the lessons from the school day fresh in their mind, children have the opportunity to sit down, after a short break, and concentrate on their tasks. If they have questions, an after-school staff member, program assistant or tutor is close by.

This assistance supports both child and parent, but is not meant to supplant the parental role to nurture your child’s learning and education.

-We provide the time, the place, and the assistance to ensure your child completes their homework completely and correctly

-Specially Designed Homework Logs & Forms help to track your child’s homework progress