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Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms


We successfully completed the first week with virtual classrooms. Our students attended regular online lessons, completed online assignments and received their study materials regularly. Our online library is updated on a daily basis to support our lessons.  We are keeping them engaged and busy by attending online lessons. They accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and are eager to learn and to attend online lessons on a daily basis. They attend online school with their school uniforms and respect the “no phones allowed in school” rule. Since it is Friday, we even had our Healthy Friday. The parents from our community continued our tradition and sent us their healthy recipes. It is very important to stay healthy in times like this. There is always a way for those who want to learn.
Enjoy the weekend now, #stayhome, wash your hands and we’ll see you all in our virtual classroom on Monday at 10 o’clock!

We will continue to tutor them online until we are allowed to come back to school  and will make sure their days are filled with new challenges.