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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019

This year, Maximilian School sent a student to the NASA Space Apps Challenge. The school believes that the high school years are the years when the students have to be given unlimited number of possibilities where they can share their ideas to the world, develop new ways of thinking and develop their competitive spirit.

Our student was part of the team Astro Angels. They chose to work on The Trans Neptunian Spaceway. You can find out more about their challenge on the following link: https://2019.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/stars/trans-neptunian-spaceway/details

Their enthusiasm, hard work, dedication and business-oriented approach was easily noticed by the judges. Their effort was recognized and they won the Second Place and were nominated for the Global Awards. You can watch their 30 seconds video for the Global Nominations on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=34&v=HeJ4gf7SCxg

This is a way to go! We are proud!