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High School


National Program

1. Natural sciences and mathematics program- Combination A

2. Natural sciences and mathematics program- Combination B

3. Language and art program- Combination A

4. Language and art program- Combination B

5. Social sciences program- Combination A

6. Social sciences program- Combination B

International Program

The programs are carefully designed empowering the students to build their academic life. This is of course always corresponding with the local laws of the country.

The content of the program is designed to prepare the students for the modern world and could be divided in four categories:

  • way of thinking: includes creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and learning how to learn
  • way of working: includes now forms of co-working and communication
  • working tools: includes IT culture and the ability of using the new technologies
  • living skills: includes the local and global awareness as well as personal and social responsibility.

The teaching program provides:

  • Adequate volume of  the content of the subjects
  • Spiral approach to the skills development with reviewed content on a higher level of different contexts, according to the development of the students
  • A balance of subjects that takes into consideration different educational processes, goals and contents developing a set of skills and knowledges

1. The teaching program that supports the development of the students and teachers who are confident, responsible, reflective and innovative
2. Every program is created in a way that that will provide the students and the teachers contents that are inspirational and adequate
3. The program considers the language background of the students and provides them with support for the approach of a certain subject. The subjects that are studied on the middle English level, are adapted for the students using English as a second

  1. The assessment has few usages that are crucial to the educational process. Here are included the assessments for studying (giving information for the educational process) and grading ( finding the performance level of the student)
  2.  International educational standards that are crucial to provide exact track in the progress of the student giving them international comparison and regular directions to the higher education.
  3.   The quality of teaching is a crucial factor in the progress of every student
  4.   The wanted experience supported by the professional development is crucial and continuous part of the life of the teacher
  5.  The pedagogy seeks the students to be provided with the chance to reach their maximal performances based on active studying
  6.   A strong leadership is a necessary term for improving the school and developing the program
  7.   The development of the program includes a process of collecting proofs and their evaluation