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Healthy Friday Challenge 20.03.2020

Healthy Friday Challenge 20.03.2020

Stay healthy, stay safe!

It is time for our Healthy Friday!🥝 This week we created a Healthy Friday Challenge. The instructions were the following:

• Our students had to make an animal by using healthy fruits. They had to send photos and videos “in the making of”.

The teacher sent them examples, however they were not allowed to use the same! 💚

Not only were they very creative, but they all made sure the hygiene was on the highest possible level while making their meals.
Take a look at some of their creations! We are sure they taste as good as they look. Good job guys!👏🏻

Take a look at some of our ``in the making of`` videos

Here is another “in the making of” video. Good job! We are very happy with the enthusiasm they all showed for this challenge. We are looking forward to the next one!🥝

Posted by Maximilian High School on Петок, 20 март 2020

Our students are doing an excellent job respecting the recommendations from WHO. They all stay home, take care of their health and the health of those around them. This video shows the importance of washing your hands before you touch your food and eat.That’s how you take care of your health. Good job Kirjana!👏🏻💚🥝

Posted by Maximilian High School on Петок, 20 март 2020