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Application for admission


Application for admission

Checklist of documents for admission

The following check list is provided to help ensure that all necessary forms and transcripts are received by PSU “Maximilian” in a timely manner. Please note that  the  student’s application will be  forwarded to  the divisional Principal for an official determination of admission only when the documents below have been supplied. Please direct any questions to the Admissions Office.

  1. Completed and signed application for admission (one per child)
  2. School records and officialtranscripts from previous school(s)
  3. Language history (if applicable)
  4. Photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  5. Medical form with doctor’s signature and stamp (it is provided in the school)
  6. Growth and Development Form (it is provided in school)
  7. Financial Responsibility Declaration (it is provided in school)
  8. One photograph of applicant (passport size)

Students with special needs will be considered for admission on an individual basis. Part of the admissions process will be used to determine whether an appropriate program of instruction can be offered to meet the applicant's educational needs.